Tuition fees & Living Cost

Tuition fees & Living Cost

If my application is not successful, will I be entitled to a refund?

It will be highly unlikely that you will not be granted a place at one of our partner universities as we guarantee your acceptance. However, in the most exceptional circumstances, if you do not gain an entry acceptance, Masha consultants would offer a full 100% refund. This will be the case even if cost has been incurred, such as fees for translation of documents, application, entrance exams, and so on.

What is the fee for using Masha Consultants?

This depends on the service you are requesting. We consult with you on a one to one basis, giving individual attention to each candidate. Our aim is to provide you with the answers to your difficulties and requests and we offer a wide range of services in order to do so. When you consult us, we will listen to you and discuss the best options available and which service will be most suitable, and affordable, for your needs.

Are the fees set or subject to fluctuations throughout the course of the study period?

The fee you are quoted at the start of your course will usually remain the same for the duration of the study period. However, they may change slightly from year to year.

Do I pay for tuition fees before commencement of the course or can I pay in instalments?

You can pay ahead before your course begins, if you wish; however, there is usually an option for paying in staged instalments to help you to budget.

What is the cost of living in Bulgaria or Romania?

Whilst the Bulgarian economy is strong, wages are low in comparison to the remainder of Europe, including London. However, this does not mean a lower standard in quality of educational standards or lifestyle. The cost of living in Bulgaria or Romania is as much as 30% lower on average than that of other Western European countries; the cost of everyday facilities such as renting private accommodation, utility bills, food, cable TV, internet access, travel and daily items for spending is approximately €500.

What are the tuition fees at Bulgarian and Romanian universities for studying medicine or dentistry?

Bulgarian and Romanian universities have the lowest tuition fees in the whole of Europe and globally. The average cost of tuition fees for undergraduate studies in medicine range between €3,200 to €8,000 per annum; in dentistry this tends to be slightly higher: between €5,000 to €8,000. For medical specialisation programmes, fees range between €4,000 and €7,700 depending on your chosen programme.