Transfers and Graduate Entry

Transfers and Graduate Entry

Recognize Your Non EU Degree By Guidance From Experts

It is mandatory for all graduates of medical and dental studies from non-EU Medical Universities to get registered with the corresponding Medical or Dental Councils so that they may apply for their relevant fields and practice in EU countries including UK as well. Such graduates may are required to opt from any of the two alternatives given below prior to registration.

  1. The students will be required to attend and pass exams for such subjects that are considered unofficial in their degree by the concerned Ministry of Education for the corresponding country. Also they will be required to attend and pass exam for state license. It means the students will be required to get their degrees acknowledged by the corresponding Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. The Ministries take into consideration the complete curriculum of studies for the student and the time period in terms of hours spent in covering individual subjects for theory as well as the practical education to decide about registration of the concerned student. Also numbers of hours spent in internship and clerkships rotations are taken into consideration. All this takes about 1 to 1.5 years for completion in general.
  2. The students will be required to obtain a degree of MD for medicine or DMD for dentistry course in the form of a transfer student in the 5th or 6th year in an authorized University that teaches in English inside EU. Out of these two, the second option seems to be more suggestible as it helps students to obtain a degree from a European University (Bulgarian or Romanian). It is worth noting that universities of these two countries are authorized by the corresponding medical officials in the EU as well. It is equally applicable for the GMC and GDC in the UK.

You may accomplish any of the two alternatives aided by professionals. It helps you right from applying and submission of your application with an apt university to making all arrangements for your settlement overseas in a completely new country. You will be picked up from the airport as well as provided a suitable and comfy accommodation by us.

Tips For Taking Admission In Senior Year For More Benefits

Did you ever aspire to come out as a doctor, veterinarian or a dentist? Do you have an academic degree or qualifications associated with these fields? Have you accomplished your undergraduate or graduate courses in the associated fields? If yes, then one of our representatives may be contacted now to get additional details.

Here we may explicitly help such people who are previously working in the form of medical personnel in a group or are associated with associated industries and service areas to get admission into a medical school in such a course in which you are specifically interested and capable of pursuing the same. It is equally applicable even if you are working in pharmaceuticals or nursing fields.

You may wish to get admission into a medical school to improve your talents and educational knowledge so as to get promoted in your current job or get a superior place in your job. You may also fulfill your wish for switching over to a new career. Even such students who have attained a graduation degree in a medical field may get admission into a medical college. Students who have a graduate degree in one of the subjects relevant to general science, nursing, medicine, dietetics, pharmacy, biomedical studies or such other subjects are also eligible for getting entry into medical colleges.

Since SMU has unique conformity with its authoritatively symbolized universities therefore it assists you in getting your credits reckoned in the best manner possible. This in turn facilitates you to get admitted into senior semesters in any of the years such as second or even third years. Consequently, lots of time and money is saved on your part.

Generally, the documents as well as other multifaceted facts associated with the qualifications possessed by the applicants make such applications extremely challenging and complex. Even the applicants themselves are unaware about the fact that they can get admitted into medical colleges and that too into higher semesters or years of their degree courses. Such students may even pass over one or two years while getting admission into medical colleges.

On top of that, SMU even helps you to get admission into a medical degree course even if you already have a degree from some university in or outside of EU. It is equally true for such students who have got credits from such university courses that are unauthorized in the UK, the EU or other places too. Similarly, students who have pursued a degree course in non-English language are also eligible for admission into a medical college degree course. Sometimes, the students may get enrolled into a higher semester or year of degree course. SMU helps in conversion of unauthorized credits into authorized one by positioning the students in such a study course that incorporates and surpasses the subjects associated with medical studies.

We will helps you to get a safe position at one of its associate Universities as per your aspirations and requirements. All this is done after a thorough discussion with you so as choose a practically applicable line of action in order to assure that you really get admission into a programme and come out victorious in your scholastic and certified profession.

One of our representatives may be contacted to get additional information on graduate entry services.