Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Are Muslim students able to easily locate mosques and dietary requirements in Bulgaria and Romania?

There is a strong Muslim population in both countries with a healthy sense of integration with the Christian communities. Bulgaria has the highest number of mosques in any capital city in Europe. In Romania, Muslims are also very welcome comprising about 2% of the country’s population. There are many active mosques, some of which have historic links. In both Bulgaria and Romania, most large supermarkets sell halal products; similarly, many restaurants have menus with halal food featured. During Ramadan, many shops open at specific hours.

What sort of climate exists in Bulgaria and Romania?

The climate is temperate although continental. There are four distinct seasons with spring weather producing stunning flowers. Summers are dry, and hot and quite humid whilst autumn is pleasantly mild turning into a short, mild winter.

What is the crime rate like in Bulgaria or Romania?

Crime figures in both these countries are low compared with many European cities. Whilst they are renowned for being two of the safest countries in which to live in Europe, security on campus is also provided, together with relevant contact information, in the unlikely event you have a difficulty.

What about health insurance whilst I am studying, is this necessary?

Students from EU countries will have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC); this is issued to you in your native country and is usually free or may incur a small fee. This will automatically entitle you to free medical treatment in any European country. However, students living outside the EU will need to take out health insurance in their native country upon arrival in Bulgaria or Romania.

What happens if I need urgent support such as with my health or other issues?

In the city in which you are studying, one of our team will be on hand to help you, should you need extra support at any time. He or she will also speak both English and the local language fluently.

Is it better to rent my own private room or live on campus in university halls of residence?

Private accommodation is most often favoured by students from abroad; they can live easily and cheaply at a good standard and the rooms are close to the campus or university site. Prices vary between €200-300 per month. We can support you in finding the right apartment and translate for you too so that you understand the documentation.