Study In English

Study In English

The key advantage for students choosing Masha Consultants is that we are NOT merely Authorised Agents we guide you through, you’re Results, parents Financial Ability, The University, Country, World Rankings and the selection process etc. all our universities offer fully recognised degrees taught entirely in in English. This is a foremost benefit to anyone who choose to pursue a world recognised degree. We have carefully selected the best out of many universities which offer medical programmes in full English guaranteeing the value for every penny you spend to acquire your qualification in the medical profession.

Almost all countries in Europe offer Medicine programs. But, a major problem is the lack of programs taught entirely in English. Competition for a place in medicine is fierce and due to this reason many students divert to consider ‘medicine-related’ options such as Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Dietetics, Physical Therapy, etc. In Switzerland for instance, medicine courses are only open to Swiss nationals or permanent residents. Western European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain. Regardless of the language of instruction, entry is typically subject to a numerus clauses and an entry exam. Even then, the first year is conducted in English and after that Students need to adapt to study in the local language of these countries. Due to this reason, it is virtually very challenging for non-EU citizens, as the number of places might be even more limited.


Recognition is a highly important consideration when choosing to study medicine abroad. We have done vigorous study and research on each university we represent guaranteeing the accuracy of any information that we give you in this respect and have done checks with the General Medical Council about the suitability of all our university’s medicine qualifications. All qualifications taught within the European Union should be judged as equal (see EU Directive 2005/36/CE for further details). We certainly know that all our universities qualifications are recognised by the GMC, and that the quality of teaching of all the recommended Universities recognised worldwide. These universities are not lenient options; going abroad is not recommended to any student under any circumstances if they are equally not capable of following a general UK medical degree or who are not completely dedicated to becoming a doctor.

We fully understand recognition is what it is all about. Even with all the other advantages, you need to be sure that, by studying abroad, you will be receiving an education that is of good quality. Encouragingly, all our university medical programs are offered by some of Europe’s leading research Universities as well as some outstanding universities of applied Sciences and university colleges, which are highly career-oriented which is a great benefit to our students.

Come Speak to one of our friendly Consultants who will guide you every step of the way to secure that recognition and make your dream of acquiring a world recognised medical qualification a reality with our many years of experience securing guaranteed places for hundreds of students worldwide.