Study Dentistry in Europe and Abroad in English
Acquiring your higher studies in dentistry comes with the guarantee that seals you with international skills that cannot be hindered by geography or social class. If you learn dentistry, then you are easily employable in any country that takes your fancy giving you a freedom of movement that other careers do not offer.

With a dentistry qualification, you will open the doors to a range of medical job options and plenty of practical experience.   Also, when it comes to status, those working in any form of medical profession are usually admired and respected above just about any other. You have to be smart to be a dentist, so if you become one, then you are one, making you officially smart. With so much time spent in the local community, dentistry is a good degree for the socialites making it a most rewarding of your career choice.

Europe carries a historic importance and has pioneered the wold in Tertiary Medical and Dentistry Education.  By offering world class qualifications at affordable rates in the region; the Bulgarian and Romanian universities have assisted thousands of students to pursue their dream. However, we know that securing a place in a world-class University is not an easy task in this highly competitive field without the proper direction, council and finance.

For many years Masha Consultants, provide consistent and reliable help for students all over the world to secure their places in dental school at affordable rates with the right advice needed to cater the student individually.

Career Prospects

At the successful completion of their studies, graduates can expect a highly rewarding career prospects in dentistry.

On Average, due to the lack of English speaking graduates in the large economies like UK, USA, Canada South Africa and Australia, the dentistry professionals are among the top-tier paid jobs with an average annual earning potential of 150000USD in USA and similar or even around 25% more in countries like UK, Canada, and Australia.   Graduates can work in the public or the private sector.   The private sector is luxuriously paid significantly increasing the above earning potentials.

If earning is not the main objective of your studies there are also other avenues in research programs, teaching and openings to establishing your private office.

Obstacles & Solutions

  • Competition has become fierce among prospective students due to the high demand for limited university places – With our experience in the field you get a competitive advantage in this race as we will guide you until you secure your placement.
  • Feeling like an outsider in a strange country- All European countries are speedily becoming multicultural this means you are more likely to find people who are on a similar journey like you which makes it easy for you to settle and find friends. We will advise on how you can build support and social network around you and direct you to swiftly learn the cultural values of your destination country.
  • Living cost and accommodation – Compared to other European countries like UK accommodation and living costs are relatively low for the same quality of life in eastern European countries. We will counsel you on how you can manage your living cost and we also will also find affordable accommodation options for you.
  • Fees – We offer the most completive rates you can afford and offer part-payment options because we understand that many students need this support. We can also advice you on student loans.