Get Medical & Dental Residency By Studying In Best Universities

We proudly declares about postgraduate medical study programs including expertise training or residency specialization by all of its partner medical universities. These study programs that incorporate theoretical as well as practical training are meant for such graduates who have accomplished their undergraduate medical studies for 6 years and acquired a Master’s Degree.

In correspondence with the graduation course or program pursued by the students, they are required to get skilled in a medical field that is usually 4-6 years long following graduation. The main aim of any postgraduate medical study is to obtain specialization in a medical subject as per the authorized EU training medical programs. Such a postgraduate course is considered to be complete when students have accomplished the exams for license as organized by the State Examination Commission. It is applicable only if such exams are held in Bulgaria or the Ministry of Health in Romania.

You may rest and be assured of your admittance in the specialization program preferred by you aided by us. Due to superior financial support, lesser expenses and getting familiar with the new place in a period of 6 years, almost all the medical graduates including those from EU, non-EU, Bulgaria and Romania opt for going on with their specialization in the same country and the University from where they have obtained their graduation degree.

It is worth noting that all foreign students including those from EU and non-EU countries are required to comprehend the local language as far as their postgraduate studies are concerned. Alternatively, they are required to undergo a preliminary course for 9 months that concludes with a language exam and this is very helpful for students. Such an exam is at B2 level in the EU structure and generally takes place at the same University from where students have acquired their graduation degrees. It is mandated so that the medical professionals looking forward to specialization in any country may be able to converse well with the patients. The students are supplied with study materials by our one of branch to get ready for this exam.

The medical specialization training that incorporates an around the clock training in the specific specialization position is organized at the Medical University Hospitals or allied clinics. Candidates who have accomplished the corresponding specialization programme effectively are eligible for the final exam. The Medical University in Bulgaria or the Ministry of Health in Romania grant a certificate or diploma of an acknowledged speciality to such students who have effectively undergone the Specialty State Examination.

A certain amount of residency positions that are assigned to such students who have passed the mandatory residency examinations, following applications submission, are granted each year by the Ministries of Health in Romania and Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Ministries declare these openings by January and students may apply by February. The Ministry of Healthcare also declares positions for medical residency specialization by October-end for which candidates belonging to Bulgaria as well as EU are required to go through the requisite residency examination procedure. Also they need to get financial support. On the other hand, non-EU candidates are required to arrange for funds of their own.

Similarly, definite numbers of positions or seats are declared by the Ministry of Health in Romania. These positions are meant both for EU including Romanians and non-EU candidates. All the vacant speciality openings are circulated in the hospitals and clinics that are allied with Medical University by the end of August or starting of September and candidates are given a month’s time so that they may apply by the start of November. A necessary residency examinations procedure is there for EU candidates including those from Romania. Such candidates need to get apt financial support too. On the other hand, non-EU candidates arrange for funds of their own.

A second series of examinations is organized by the universities in case some positions are still unoccupied. The Bulgarian Ministries declare such seats or openings by the months of July – August whereas it is done in the month of March by the Romanian Ministries.

You may get prepared for the residency exams by getting apt help from us. It makes available additional materials that have University notes, earlier research examples, earlier question papers, books, answers, samples tests etc.

The specialization free may vary from 3.300€ – 7.700€ per annum in correspondence with the area of specialization, country and field such as Medicine or Dentistry opted for by the students. The fee may be paid by getting finances from the state, sponsorship or may be arranged by the students themselves. For non-EU graduates, it is necessary to arrange fee of their own.

We provide help to candidates in the entire application procedure right from requisite credentials, paraphrases to confirmation of the application credentials.