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Tips For Taking Admission In Senior Year For More Benefits

Did you ever aspire to come out as a doctor, veterinarian or a dentist? Do you have an academic degree or qualifications associated with these fields? Have you accomplished your undergraduate or graduate courses in the associated fields? If yes, then one of our representatives may be contacted now to get additional details.

Here we may explicitly help such people who are previously working in the form of medical personnel in a group or are associated with associated industries and service areas to get admission into a medical school in such a course in which you are specifically interested and capable of pursuing the same. It is equally applicable even if you are working in pharmaceuticals or nursing fields.

You may wish to get admission into a medical school to improve your talents and educational knowledge so as to get promoted in your current job or get a superior place in your job. You may also fulfill your wish for switching over to a new career. Even such students who have attained a graduation degree in a medical field may get admission into a medical college. Students who have a graduate degree in one of the subjects relevant to general science, nursing, medicine, dietetics, pharmacy, biomedical studies or such other subjects are also eligible for getting entry into medical colleges.

Since SMU has unique conformity with its authoritatively symbolized universities therefore it assists you in getting your credits reckoned in the best manner possible. This in turn facilitates you to get admitted into senior semesters in any of the years such as second or even third years. Consequently, lots of time and money is saved on your part.

Generally, the documents as well as other multifaceted facts associated with the qualifications possessed by the applicants make such applications extremely challenging and complex. Even the applicants themselves are unaware about the fact that they can get admitted into medical colleges and that too into higher semesters or years of their degree courses. Such students may even pass over one or two years while getting admission into medical colleges.

On top of that, SMU even helps you to get admission into a medical degree course even if you already have a degree from some university in or outside of EU. It is equally true for such students who have got credits from such university courses that are unauthorized in the UK, the EU or other places too. Similarly, students who have pursued a degree course in non-English language are also eligible for admission into a medical college degree course. Sometimes, the students may get enrolled into a higher semester or year of degree course. SMU helps in conversion of unauthorized credits into authorized one by positioning the students in such a study course that incorporates and surpasses the subjects associated with medical studies.

We will helps you to get a safe position at one of its associate Universities as per your aspirations and requirements. All this is done after a thorough discussion with you so as choose a practically applicable line of action in order to assure that you really get admission into a programme and come out victorious in your scholastic and certified profession.

One of our representatives may be contacted to get additional information on graduate entry services.

UK Internships Arrangements from the Experts

The UK internships arrangement is an exclusive arrangement done by us befitting your unique career goals in life. We organise this for you a year in advance prior to the completion of the course on medicine that simply goes many miles in your favour. For instance, you get a full year’s experience of working with some of the prestigious hospitals and clinics in UK with which our partner universities have the tie-ups.

Key areas of our UK internships arrangements:

  • Acquiring hands-on experience while continuing the studies on medicine during the last year of the study comes like a big boost in your career. You create a cut above the rest. As, an experienced person always gets the priority over a fresher in the job hunt.
  • We have the special arrangements with our partner universities from Bulgaria and Romania and they have tie-ups with the clinics and hospitals in UK. As a matter of fact, when you choose us as your trusted partner for the study of medicines, you essentially take the right step in your life towards the goal.
  • We explore and organise affiliate programmes like those mentioned above just for you. In the process, you stand immensely benefitted in your career when you choose us as your trusted study partner for the medicines in Europe.
  • We broaden the opportunities for honing your professional skills through the specialised training programmes.
  • We organise career and internship fairs with the aim of disseminating information to the students as well as the parents. As a matter of fact, they can take informed decisions in their life befitting the purpose.
  • We help you submit the internship requests and forms with a good number of universities. This in turn potentially increases your possibility of getting selected for the internship with your chosen hospital or clinic. You will be happy to know that we have the large roster of universities befitting the purpose here.
  • We also maintain a roster on vacancies. Employers participate in our annual activity and they offer internship to you on selection.
  • You will be happy to know that we help you select the right internship programme. In addition, we screen your internship request and form before forwarding them. This in turn assures your chances of success.
  • We announce the interview nomination results and train you for the interview. At the same time, we organise briefing sessions for the interns and in stray cases, we issue internship certificates with your supervisor’s grades and send it to your university for the inclusion of it in your graduation transcripts.

We also offer terminology courses on the local pharmaceutical brands and drugs for your smooth transition in the field of professional medicine practitioner.

Why to Register In UK Medical Council?

All is well that ends well. The phrase is quite true as unless your ending is fine and in tandem with your requirement in life, people will fall short to recognise you in life. Your endeavour for the UK Medical Council registration is no different, as it is the very first step that will legally empower you for practising medicine in UK.

The UK Medical Council Registration is essentially the last step in your course curriculum. The crux is that this registration has nowhere been made compulsory in the course other than a requirement for practising the same as a professional.

But, the UK Medical Council Registration is a step that has been made mandatory here in the UK for practising. The UK Medical Council registration has, therefore, become an integral part for your studies on medicine especially for those who are from UK. All these put together construes that unless you are registered with the said council, you cannot legally practise medicine in UK. This is a binding under the laws of the land though the process of registration appears an easy task.

Key areas of our services for the UK Medical Council registration:

  • All our affiliate universities in Bulgaria and Romania are globally recognised. As such, after getting your degree from them, you automatically become eligible for practising in your niche market or the markets in UK. But, as we said, the UK Medical Council registration is a must for you before you begin practising.
  • Different countries follow different rules for allowing qualified doctors from outside their country. Some countries conduct a screening test before allowing medicine graduates passed out of the foreign universities while the students from EU countries can simply register them with their local councils after the graduation and start practising. The UK students passed out from any of our affiliated Bulgarian or Romanian university are, however, required to register directly into Foundation Year 2 (FY2). They can thus save a year’s time by skipping FY1.
  • On the flip side, after pursuing the medicine course through us from the Bulgaria and the Romanian universities, you become eligible to sit for the screening examination for a certificate to be issued in your favour and thus, allowing you to practise in the non-EU countries. However, the USA asks for registering with USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) while the Canada asks for registering with MCC (Medical Council of Canada) for passing the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination) before practising there.
  • You will be glad to know that we organise workshops on the general guidelines and procedures of taking admission with our affiliated universities in Bulgaria and Romania. We help you at every step and stand committed with every act befitting your goal in life.
  • Our short movie clips on the admission procedures and the registration aim at educating you beforehand on the subject thereby minimise issues later.
  • We keep intimating you from time to time on the certification, legalisation, and translation of the documents relevant to your admission and pursuing the course under any of our affiliated Bulgarian or Romanian university.
  • While choosing us your partner for the medicine course, you have the liberty of choosing your area of specialisation. For instance, you can even choose the veterinary as your preferred profession in the latter half of your life.
  • After helping you get admission to the medicine programme under any one of the affiliate universities in Bulgaria or Romania and completion of the same, we help you to register with the GMC (General Medical Council) at the postgraduate grade FY2 (Foundation Year 2).
  • You can thus skip over the FY1 through us and thus, you can save a year’s valuable time. This time saving can actually be contributed to the 6th year of your internship under the Bulgaria or the Romanian university. The crux is that the UK universities follow a 5-year programme for the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). But, you get an MD degree from the Bulgaria or the Romania university.
  • For the veterinary graduates passed out from any of our affiliated Bulgarian or Romanian university, they can directly get registered with the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and can start practising immediately. The reason is plain and simple comparing the both UK university and a Bulgarian or Romanian university. The degree awarded by a Bulgaria or a Romani university is DVM (Doctor of Dental Medicine) and it is a six-year programme. On the contrary, a UK university awards BVSc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science) and it is of 5-year duration.
  • Again for the dentists who passed out from any of our affiliated universities based in Bulgaria or Romania can get registered with the GDC (General Dental Council) in UK before practising. You essentially save a year too in UK by skipping the VT (Vocational Training) that is a must for those who pass out of a UK university. The degree awarded by the Bulgaria or Romania University is DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine which is a six year programme) while a UK university awards a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree which is of 5 years duration.
  • On the whole, we offer OUT-OF-BOX services in your pursuit for the medicine courses. The best part is that we always stand on your side at your beck and call during all those 6 years of your studies in one of our affiliated universities in Bulgaria or Romania. We continue to groom you for performing better in the examinations while taking care of your every requirement step by step. We organise study loan, syndicate tuition payout, and safeguard your financial liability.
  • You, as a student, will love our system of having permanent student mentors all across the Bulgaria and Romania. They take care of everything that you need during your studies there. This, in other words, construes to your unique benefit since you can find a local person always standing tall for you.

For the people who aspire to have the USA or the Canadian registration shouldn’t also lose their hearts. We offer USA and Canada registration services as well. We also help you with the pharmaceutical terminology course that makes you market savvy befitting the demand of your job as a doctor in UK.

Get Information about UK Local Pharmaceutical Terminology Courses

It is a universal fact that – a problem well defined is half solved. After pursuing the medicine course for six years and getting the degree from the Bulgaria and Romania based globally recognised universities, your next step is to get into the skins of actions; i.e., practising medicines.

But, do you know you will stumble on the first roadblock of not knowing the names of the medicines that are available in your niche market. Getting yourself well-versed with the local medicines of your niche market, the UK in this case, therefore, becomes imperative for you. If you aren’t comfortable with the locally available medicines, you will summarily fail to prescribe medicines to your patients. There comes the importance of pursuing the local pharmaceutical terminology course. You will be happy to know that we conduct accredited courses on the same.

Key areas of our local pharmaceutical terminology courses:

  • We have the notes, materials and a team of experts on the local pharmaceutical terminology that will assist you to pick up the local names quickly and getting yourself acquainted with them.
  • We follow a very systematic and pragmatic approach here so that after going through the course on the local pharmaceutical terminology, you become an expert on the same. We take you here step by step getting acquainted with the names of the medicines that may have been known to you under different names in Bulgaria or Romania.
  • You will be happy to know that we conduct workshops on the differences of synthesis, efficacy, posology, and ingredients of the local medicines and drugs.
  • Our course on the local pharmaceutical terminology focuses on a couple of issues relating to the branch of medicines such as the absorption, liberation, distribution, metabolism, and excretion including the therapeutic index. As a matter of fact, you get a complete 360 views and knowledge on the subject.
  • We do the handholding here on the differences of drugs in Bulgaria and Romania and that of the US and the UK apart from the other countries. In the process, you become highly efficient on drug selection.

We also offer to pursue careers in USA and Canada.

Examination Preparation And Registration For USA Or Canada

We are making continuous efforts to expand all over the Atlantic by coordinating with additional colleges and universities. The students who have graduated in medical sciences at associated medical Universities of education of medicine in EU can get help in getting ready for the medical examinations to practise a medical career in USA or Canada in the course being pursued by them. Also the university helps students in their unbeaten placement as per the medical education qualitative evaluation obtained by them. The medical students may get placed as follows.

  1. USMLE students may get placed for medicine
  2. NAVLE students may get placed for veterinary science
  3. MCCEE and the MCCQE or CDM students may get placed in Canada
  4. NBDE may get placed for dentistry

Apart from this, numbers of supporting classes or work sessions are also arranged by our professional so that students may be trained in an advanced manner for the entry exams. Also they make available study materials, notes, tips and old papers on different types of subjects. Apart from the assessment systems made available by the university for the exams, the university also has varied sources of exam preparations. These sources or modes of exam preparations in the form of different evaluation systems have been collected by the university from the medical councils of USA and Canada over all these years. These assessment systems help you in assessing yourself in terms of pass rate. Also you can get reference of books that have notes on major areas of study from the university. The university keeps on organizing exam presentations at regular intervals of time. These exam presentations are organized in-person as well as through online mode.

The university is always there to help medical students in all the circumstances.

Job Seeking & Interview Training From Professionals

Due to tough competition, it is very much difficult to get a job in a reputable hospital. Keeping in mind the difficulty level as well as mental stress associated with such interviews, our professional trainers makes available such sessions that are specifically customized as per the individual Curriculum Vitae of the medical graduates so that the job seekers may give their most excellent presentations.

We have been successful in collecting many questions that are general, particular as well as specific to the particular area of specialization due to its considerable experience in the medical line. All these questions are asked from the prospective employees by the employers in relation to three areas of medicine line including dentistry, medicine and veterinary. The questions collected by the university are associated with hospitals, clinics, military facilities, research laboratories or nursing overseeing units and hospital administration for all the three fields.

The questionnaire prepared by the university starts with fundamentals of body language. It keeps on with the specific qualifications of the medical graduates and continues with a properly planned presentation scheme. It helps in boosting your strong points while clearly indicating what your are ought to do and what not while conversing about your personality, work experience, prospective job position as well as the atmosphere of the work place. Also it helps you to be clear about your strategies for the future in medical line.

In addition to this, the university also organizes mock interviews so that the graduates may be able to get through competitions. Even you may get trained for the interviews through tutorials that are organized by the university. The university goes a step further from training as it also helps graduates to write their CVs as well as the cover letters for the same.

For now, the university is also searching for the jobs for the upcoming graduates and may organize interviews for the same. It is coordinating with some of the leading UK medical professionals enrolment companies. Also we are partnering with NHS hospitals. It is because large numbers of students who have passed out as graduates from the university are working in these hospitals. Some of these hospitals are operating privately whereas some hospitals are being run by the state. The upcoming graduates will also be applying to these hospitals in the form of medical professionals or even as administrative workforce.