Aftercare & Support

Aftercare & Support

Internships in the UK

We can exclusively arrange an internship in the United Kingdom before the final year of your medical or dental course. This provides you with imperative experience within your field of study in well established hospitals and clinics around the UK.

Key facts:

  • Acquiring hands-on experience whilst in study giving you a tactical edge over other students
  • We have the special arrangements with our partnering universities in Bulgaria and Romania that are affiliated with clinics and hospitals in UK
  • We organize all the admin on your behalf, freeing the burden from you
  • We extend the scope of your knowledge through specialized training programs
  • We organize career events and internship fairs with the aim of disseminating information to students and parents
  • We help you submit the internship applications to many universities, in turn potentially increases your chance of success
  • We also track vacancies. Employers participate in our annual activity and they also offer internships
  • We can help you choose your internship if you are unsure or have questions or concerns
  • Prior to submitting the application, we screen it for any errors or omissions
  • We train our students thoroughly before their interview and conduct briefing events
  • We certify your supervisors grades and send them back to the university for inclusion within your degree classification

Why register with the UK Medical Council?

Registering with the GMC enables you to legally practice in the United Kingdom, it is a requirement for those in the medical field. It will allow you to excel into your medical career and give you the recognition required to practice.

The UK Medical Council (GMC) Registration is essentially the last step in your course curriculum. Registration is only compulsory after your course in order to practice as a professional.

Key areas of our services for the UK Medical Council registration:

  • All our affiliate universities in Bulgaria and Romania are globally recognized. As such, after completing your degree you are able to register with the GMC
  • Different countries follow different rules when allowing externally qualified doctors to practice
  • Some countries conduct a screening test before allowing foreign graduates to practice, whereas students from EU countries simply register themselves with their local councils and start practicing
  • UK students who graduate from our affiliated Bulgarian or Romanian universities are required to register directly into Foundation Year 2 (FY2). Thus save a year’s time by skipping FY1
  • On the flip side, after pursuing the medicine course through us in Bulgaria or Romania, you become eligible to sit a screening exam to acquire a certificate allowing you to practice in non-EU countries. However, USA requires graduates to register with USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) while Canada requires registration with the MCC (Medical Council of Canada) in order to undergo the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination) before practicing there
  • We organize workshops on general guidelines and procedures of taking admission with our affiliated universities in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Our short movie clips on the admission procedures and the registration aim at educating you beforehand on the subject, thereby minimizing issues
  • We keep you informed on the certification, legalization and translation of the documents relevant to your admission
  • We help you to register with the GMC (General Medical Council) during the postgraduate FY2 (Foundation Year 2).
  • Veterinary graduates from our affiliated Bulgarian or Romanian university can directly register with the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and can start practicing immediately
  • The degree awarded by a Bulgarian or Romanian university is a DVM (Doctor of Dental Medicine) and it is a six-year program.
  • A UK university awards BVSc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science) and it is of 5-year duration.
  • Graduate dentists from our affiliated universities in Bulgaria or Romania must register with the GDC (General Dental Council) in UK before practicing. Essentially saving a year by skipping the VT (Vocational Training) which is compulsory for those who graduate from a UK university
  • The degree awarded by a Bulgarian or Romanian university is DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine which is a six-year program)
  • A UK university awards a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree which is five-year program
  • Our services comprise of the full execution of administrative tasks allowing you to focus on your education and broaden your experience
  • We offer USA and Canada registration services too
  • We also give our assistance on the pharmaceutical terminology course

UK Pharmaceutical Terminology Courses

After graduating, before practicing, it is critical to get your mind around the pharmaceutical terminology where you wish to begin your career. We conduct accredited courses and can help you secure a place quickly.

Key areas of our local pharmaceutical terminology courses:

  • We have notes, materials and a team of experts on local pharmaceutical terminology that will assist you to quickly get acquainted with them
  • We follow a very systematic and pragmatic approach so you become fluent with the terminology quickly
  • We conduct workshops on the different synthesis, efficacy, posology and ingredients of local medicines and drugs
  • Our course focuses on issues relating to the branch of medicines, such as the absorption, liberation, distribution, metabolism, and excretion with reference to the therapeutic index
  • We do the handholding here on the variation between drugs in Bulgaria and Romania as well as those in the US and UK
  • We also provide opportunities to pursue careers in the US and Canada

Exam Preparation And Registration for the United States and Canada

We make continuous efforts to expand all over the Atlantic by coordination with multiple colleges and universities. Students who have graduated in medical sciences in the EU can get help preparing for medical examinations to practice in the United States of America (USA) or Canada.

The medical students may get placed as follows:

1. USMLE for medicine
2. NAVLE for veterinary science
3. MCCEE and the MCCQE or CDM in Canada
4. NBDE for dentistry

Supporting classes and work sessions are also arranged by our professionals in order to prepare for the entry exams. Also, making available study materials, notes, tips and old past papers.

Job Search & Interview Training from Professionals

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a job in a reputable hospital. Our professional guidance will help you gain valuable experience for interviews allowing you to impress employers seamlessly, update your curriculum vitae in order for you to stand out representing the best version of yourself.

We will assess your ability to answer generalized questions as well as specialized interview specific questions to help you present a confident and knowledgeable response to prospective employers. We prepare you for a variety of fields such as dentistry, medicine and veterinary; specializing in hospitals, clinics, military facilities, research laboratories or nursing overseeing units and hospital administration.

We advise on the fundamentals of body language boosting your strong points while clearly indicating the do’s and don’ts while conversing about your personality, work experience, prospective job position as well as being in tune with the atmosphere of the work place.

In addition to this, the university also organizes mock interviews so that graduates maintain a competitive edge. The university goes a step further from training and helps graduates write their CVs and cover letters.

We work alongside many public and private hospitals as well as having links with the NHS, in this way we can prepare you for whichever direction you choose to endeavor