Guaranteed Entry Promise

Guaranteed Entry Promise

At Masha Consultants; we understand that studying abroad is a big decision but, most students do not understand that making the decision to study medicine abroad is just the tip of the iceberg in reality. The truth is, once you make the decision to pursue your studies there is no guarantee you will secure a place in this highly competitive segment of higher education. The requirements and credentials needed to apply to a medical university in Europe differ between the institutions and can be a very complicated process. Prospective medical students will find that most of the medical universities will require proof (certificates) of A-Level passes with high marks in Biology and Chemistry or an equivalent High School Diploma. It is also compulsory that students speak good English, or alternatively follow a one-year preparatory course.

If you have done your research and have an idea about a graduate course you might like to study, we offer a number of pathways which guarantee you a place into many entry course options. During the busy university admission period, we speak to students and parents regularly to keep them up-to-date on the application progress. With our many years of experience, we understand and help manage the stress of waiting for offers which can unnecessarily extend the period of this uncertainty for many students.

Our Guaranteed Entry promise will alleviate some of the ambiguity and provide clarity for impending students in this highly competitive entry acquisition. By passing each candidate through our vigorous benchmarking process, the Guaranteed Entry aptitude allows us to tell you today what selection rank will guarantee you a place in a particular degree.

We have a proud tradition of being open and transparent with our students about our requirements to get their admission and establish Guaranteed Entry. If there are any bottlenecks that we identify at your initial consultation; we keep everything simple and let you know if we are unable you take your application into consideration and direct you to the paths you can take to overcome any obstacles. We believe the advice we provide and many students have benefited through our guidance to achieve their goals in the second or third try.

We know there are lots of worries crossing your mind especially if this is your first time living away from your family and home country. Our speciality is to take away the uncertainty by showing you the correct path. Even if you are not sure if you qualify to apply; please contact us so we can assess your case.