The Overall Process

The Overall Process

Student Visa Issuance For Non-European Students

Our expert advisors can facilitate you in acquiring a student visa if you are a Non-European student. We serve to remove the hassle and stress of organizing this on your own.
With our knowledge of the procedure and common errors, we can speed up the process of your application as well as answer any concerns that you may have.

Arrival and Accommodation services

Traveling abroad alone can be very difficult if you are visiting the place for the very first time. For this reason, we will arrange for you to be received at the airport and taken to your accommodation. We take pride knowing we are one of the few firms to offer this service.
If for any reason or circumstance you have been unable to secure a permanent residence abroad we are able to accommodate you with short term residence.
As we are in contact with many travel agencies we have the ability to acquire exclusive travel arrangements below market prices, get in touch for more info.

Annual Open Days

We set up meet ups and networking events twice annually, giving students the opportunity of meeting fellow classmates.

This allows students to get an outlook of their future prospects and a scope of the life awaiting them. Guest professors showcase courses, opportunities and facilities available to students.

We take this opportunity to hand out informative brochures and leaflets, as well as answering questions students and parents may have.
We organize this both locally and abroad so students are able to socialize with others and get comfortable in varying environments.

Student Support

As an integral part of your next six-year course support we hold annual meetings with the view of increasing social interaction and addressing any of your concerns during your course. Additionally, senior students have a chance to express their views and experiences with younger students, and we are able to hand out additional study notes and guidance.

We also have a handful of representatives who are available on request to help you deal with any issues or uncertainties you have.

We are constantly intrigued by the feedback we receive and it allows us to improve on what we have to offer you. We work tirelessly to help you improve and excel in your chosen profession.

Accommodation near Campus

As we serve many students, we have established a network of reliable and trustworthy property agents all over Europe. We also have representatives around Europe who utilize their expertise of the local area and aid your search for housing facilities based on your individual requirements.

After this our representatives handle liaising with property agents, reviewing and breaking down rent agreements and governing laws in order for you to understand and make the best choice. Finally, they are able to deposit your rent in advance and point you in the right direction to organize your cable and internet connection as well as purchasing a new local SIM card.

After finalizing your decision to settle abroad, you will be required to get a municipal ID and a residence permit, which you will have our full support on.

Permission of Residency for Admission

Sometimes it is vital for a student to secure their resident permit before they get admission in the university. Don’t worry, with our many years of experience we are able to make this a quick and easy process. We will not only assist you in getting all the essential documents, but we also extend our help to translate and legalize the documents which are necessary for the admission process. To make the things much easier, we also deploy our representatives with students to escort them to the bureaus and various government offices, including the immigration department too. Our representatives also help the students to get an identification card by taking them to the police department and municipal offices.

You are in a different country where English may not be considered as everyone’s first spoken language. That is why our local representatives escort you and assist you in understanding the conversation in various departments. We will guide you to know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of permit and procure of each without hassle.

We are there every step of the way assisting you with all these documents and processing them within the specified time to the relevant places.

An insight into University registration

  • We assist you to get your residence permit in an efficient and timely manner
  • Each segment of the process will be thoroughly explained/translated to you
  • You will be accompanied to all the public service bureaus
  • You will be told which documents are required by the university you choose
  • You will be told which documents are required by the Ministry of Education for certification
  • We track the progress and swift delivery of your tuition fees and relevant student loans
  • We assist you acquiring a temporary student identity certificate before your permanent ID
  • We take control of every administration process so you can focus on studying
  • We offer extended support with course mentoring and module preparation
  • Expenses

    While abroad it is a significant necessity to organize a local bank account, so you can swiftly make and receive payments whilst abroad without the hassle of foreign exchange and ridiculous bank charges. Many local accounts will also offer certain privileges which can be beneficial during your stay abroad.

    Due to our expertise in sending students abroad to study the course of their dreams we are well equipped and informed with the procedure and intricacies faced when attempting to set up a bank account. With us by your side we will assist you in getting the best possible deal and taking advantage of what is on offer without hindering your opportunity cost.

    • Once we have your limited power of attorney, we can handle the admin of your account setup
    • We take every caution in safeguarding your interests avoiding possible detrimental loopholes and hidden costs
    • We have agreements with financial institutions utilizing EU regional support development packages for businesses, under a sworn affidavit, which protects students loans and accounts
    • We go above and beyond to ensure you get the best rates for your loan
    • We aid the smooth application of your foreign bank account, allowing you to make payments by cheque
    • We support you over the full course of your study with any questions you have