For Easy Education We Have Scholarships & Bursaries For Students

Nowadays the majority of the students are opting for studying abroad. While some have the necessary funding, some are solely dependent on the scholarships as well as bursaries provided by the Universities. If you are thinking how to obtain the scholarships to continue your further study, no need to lose your sleep. We put education above everything and so our people work tirelessly to fetch the best and most suitable offers from various universities across Europe for the students.

We also put our effort to help the students to get the bursaries and scholarships offered by various institutions or individuals or universities or various welfare foundations which can help them to study. That is the reason a team of seasoned academic counselors of our company always tries hard to collect all the data about the various scholarships and bursaries that are on offer to education related to medicine throughout the year. Depending on the profile of the students, their requirement along with their credentials, we try our best to help them secure one. You can be one of the lucky few as well. It is imperative to remember that to grab a scholarship you need not to have top grades always. But due to the lack of information you might miss them. However, with our help, you can apply for the scholarships, which may not need high grades and secure your dream career in medicine.

On top of that our partner universities sometimes offer various scholarships to the students based on their credentials as well as academic records. Due to the agreements we have with those top universities, our students can get a chance to obtain a scholarship from these coveted universities which they offer to the European and international students recruited by our organizations.

In a nutshell, till date we have fetched scholarships for a number of students even when they have very lean chances of financing. We always try to help our students to get best universities and scholarships for them in order to worth every penny they spent on us and we know that scholarship matters a lot for student and it help to achieve success.

How to secure Student Loans & Grants

If you would like to take an education loan to facilitate your study in abroad, then we can assist you in getting it done from one of the local financial institutions which are ready to provide loans to the students of the university where you want to get admitted and take education. Due to our strong relationship and bonding with those financial institutions for years, we have helped a good many number of students in the past in their endeavor of securing their loans easily. This is the reason we can help you too in getting the pre approval documents which can guarantee your loan approval.

The best part is that we can even become a guarantor for your loan and act as a co-borrower as well due to our good credibility records there and cordial relationship with those financial institutions. Therefore, this will certainly assist you to secure a loan effectively.

That is the reason we have become one of those rarest organizations which not only help students to admission in foreign universities but also guarantee them in securing an education loan too.

Moreover the representatives put efforts in collecting the necessary documents, and submitting them to the financial institutions in person. Our experts also bargain on the interest rates, repayment period, type and amount of loan along with other facilities which can help the students to repay the loan easily. Please be assured that we will do everything after discussing each and every parameter with the students and knowing there requirements.

We help the students to secure almost all kinds of loans that are available for them from the financial institutions which are in agreement with our partner universities and are participating in this programme.

To find out more details on this matter and other relevant information you can check out our Student Loans section where you find all the minute details are given for your perusal.

In addition to that, to give you more financial aid, our team is constantly looking for the grants as well as bursaries which can be received by the students irrespective of their academic records or credentials which might help them to facilitate their cost of studying aboard. Though there are a number of options available in this, but you may not be aware of them. However, we do and know best what suits you better. That is the reason you should give a try and discuss the scope of securing an admission to the universities abroad and get a grant, with our expert representatives so that you can find out that it is not an impossible task to do, rather it’s much easier than what you think.

Guidance Of Student Visa Issuance For Non-European Student

We are your one stop solution in getting the required guidance through the procedure of issuance of Student Visa if you are a non-European student. We serve as your guide through all the important steps that you need to follow in getting your Student Visa issued. We provide this service based on the years of good experience that we have been successful in gaining right from our inception. The guidance that we provide in the field of Student Visa issuance comes as an assurance of the fact that this time-consuming and stressful procedure is completely without putting in much effort.

We are well aware of the fact that getting a Student Visa issued for a non-European student can be a challenging and a time consuming procedure. We have a very clear understanding of the challenges that the students need to face and the know-how of the procedure and thus we can provide proper advice on the steps that need to be followed in order to make the procedure easy and convenient.

Once you are done with this procedure or if you happen to be a European citizen who might not need any Student Visa, it is time for you to chuck out plans of going abroad. We help you in getting settled in a completely new environment. From our side, you will always have an individual waiting to receive you at the airport. This will surely give you the peace of mind that you look out for while you are abroad. Apart from this, we also provide temporary accommodation in case something goes wrong or if the accommodation is not yet available.

Pick Up and Temporary Accommodation Services For Students

Being a new student in a country is quite troublesome as you have no one to pick you up from the airport or to guide you properly. However, to benefit the students we arrange for the airport pickup services with the help of the private buses which will take them to their new home, the university towns where they get admitted. We are one of the few firms who provide this service to the students in order to give them a peace of mind and a comfortable journey to their destination.

Not only this, we also provide short term accommodations to the students if they fail to find any suitable accommodation aboard as their permanent residence there. Also help the students who couldn’t find a place to stay or having any kind of delay in finding a place for staying.

As we are in continuous communication with various travel agents so we can manage to offer the services of ticket booking of flights or trains or buses. And due to the cordial relations, we share with those travel agents we can give a chance to get the tickets booked in lower prices than the market as well. We also employ our local town agents to pick up the students and be there for them until they settled in their place. In some cases, our representatives travel along with the students to help them reach their destination safely.

Even the cases are not rare where we manage to provide whopping discounts to our students on ticket booking if a group of students going to the same university from the same city or area. Because then we can book most of the seats of the flight and secure good discounts for our students. In this way it can help you in both the ways, you can save a few bucks for you and also get a chance to meet and get comfortable with the future classmates of yours, which can help you to build a network and get more confidence and restrain you from feeling alone in a new place.

Annual Open Days To Interact With Future Fellow Classmates

We provide meet-ups and networking events generally twice during the year giving students the opportunity of meeting future fellow colleagues and classmates upon or prior to arriving at the University. This gives students the scope of getting accustomed with the future life awaiting them in the best way possible. Our Open Days come as a guarantee of the fact that the students get wide scopes of getting a clear idea about interesting career prospects and opportunities.

The Open Days that we arrange and conduct offer students the chance of meeting other prospective and current students, have discussions on different career prospects and speak about academic experiences.

We also deal in the service of distributing information packages available for students who have this keen interest in studying abroad. Apart from this, students also get the option of meeting with any one of the academic counselors that we provide if at all they wish to meet them.

Even teachers and parents get this grand chance of learning about exclusive education opportunities available abroad. We do this by inviting guest professors for showcasing the facilities, programmes and courses provided by the partner Universities. We serve as a stepping stone towards a great University considered ideal for studies abroad.

Apart from providing pre-departure Open days to the students, we also make way for important and necessary meetings for the students abroad, ensuring that they get the scope of socializing in a community around them. We help our students is dealing with the hurdles and the snags appearing in their regular lives.


Annual Meeting and Representatives’ For Student Support

Once the students have completely settled in while delving into their life at the Universities and their University Programmes, there are chances of little hurdles and snags arising in between and these are required to be handled in the most professional manner. We provide student representatives who possess the expertise in ironing the hurdles and the difficulties out. Our student representatives possess hands on knowledge and experience in dealing with the small challenges that come up in life for the students studying abroad.

We arrange and conduct annual meetings as an integral part of the 6-year support that we provide to the students. During these annual meetings, the students who are registered by us get the grand opportunity of socializing and addressing various possible concerns in regards to their university programmes or their landlords. Additionally, we provide extra notes and materials for the University courses to the students along with useful tips on studying and the exchange experiences of the senior students. We do all these things or rather we provide all these beneficial services for the help of our students.

There are many students who do not seem to be completely satisfied with whatever they get but we take this in the form of a grand opportunity for improving the quality of the services that we provide. We always look forward to the feedback provided by the students and these open new scopes of bringing about great improvement in the services that we provide. We are here to help you out with your studies and to help you excel in the career that you have chosen.

However, before getting to this point, we are required to help you in getting hold of top class accommodation that suits your budget and your requirements. We are your support in fetching great accommodation at the best prices.

Facility of Private Apartments and Residential Area For Student Near Campus

Due to our work and for the sake of our students benefit we are affiliated with various property dealers and student housing services in different countries of Europe. We have also appointed our representatives in various university towns across Europe who is experts in searching housing facilities based on the requirements and the budget of the students.

After a number of conversations and discussions depending on your budget, choice and requirement, we find private apartments near to the university for our students. To give you lesser pain our representatives do the reviewing of the rent agreements and also depositing the rent and advance too. It would be difficult for you to do this job by yourself as you may be unaware of the local language and governing laws. That’s why our representatives do this for you. Not only this, before you sign the agreement, they help you to understand the agreement and go through the process smoothly. Our representatives also help you in getting a cable connection and in installing the internet and buying a local mobile SIM too. The best part is that we complete all these procedures way ahead of your arrival to that place so that you can employ yourself in the most important matter of all: your education. This service coming from us goes a long way in sharing the burden of the students who are equipped with the worries of settling abroad rather than performing well in their studies.

All our partner universities tend to offer cheap dormitory rooms which come at a price as less as €40 per month. However, there is a quota of rooms which are allotted to the foreign students, because the majority of the rooms are generally given to the local students. Though not all the partner universities but most of them like to practice this system.

To get own space and freedom most of our international students like to hire private flats near the campus on sharing basis, and as the cost of renting is also very less, minimum €150 to maximum €300 per month, so they can easily afford it to lead their own lifestyle even in there. This is one system that helps the students in saving a lot of money and in working out their own ways.

In short, we are here to take all the pains and troubles that you may face while settling down in a different place for your study abroad and help you to concentrate in your education.

Once you make up your mind of settling abroad, you will be required to get hold of a municipal ID and residence permit. We are here to take good care of all these necessary services for you giving you the scope of focusing on experiences rather than bureaucratic hurdles.

Permission Of Residence For Admission in Universities

Sometimes it becomes important for a student to secure his resident permit first to get an admission in the university so that you don’t face any difficulties regarding your lodging in the future. Are you wondering how to get the residential permit without trouble? Don’t worry! You can get us beside you in this process. We will not only assist you in getting all the essential documents but we also extend our help to translate and legalize the documents which are necessary for the completion of the admission process. To make the things much easier, we also deploy our representatives with the students to escort him to the bureaus and various government offices including the immigration department as well. Our representatives also help the students to get an identification card by taking them to the police department and municipal offices.

You are in a different country where English is not always considered as the common spoken language. That is why our local representatives escort you as well as assist you to understand the conversation in those offices. Add to that, we will also help you out to be aware of different types of residence permits based on your choice of package prices, durations of stay allowed. We will guide you to know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of permit and procure the same without much hassle.

After collecting all these documents on our students’ behalf, we take them to the university to facilitate the process of admission of students. Along with that we will also help you to get some particular documents, which are very much compulsory to apply for your educational loan and get it approved as quickly as you can get, so that you can get hold of the funding on time and start your education ASAP.

Tips For Relevant Course Registration In University

Before you land up abroad, you would need university course registration. Failing this, you will land up in trouble. You may NOT even find a seat with the university from where you want to pursue a course of your choice. We chip in there for your help.

The crux is that managing authorities in a foreign land is tough especially when you aren’t proficient in the foreign language. That’s our forte and we have been doing this for years for millions of students all over the world. This hands-on experience and expertise, therefore, have honed our skills and have matured us as their preferred partner for the university course registration.

What we do for the university course registration:

In simple words, you can define us as a one stop solution for all that you need for the university course registration in any part of the world. Here is a list on what we do.

  • As per your residence permit, our student representative guides you and helps you pass through this registration process as quickly as possible befitting the time and purpose.
  • Our student representative will accompany you to all the public service bureaus. In addition, he/she will tell you what all documents are to be submitted with the university administration office.
  • He/she painstakingly explains every step just for you so that you don’t suffer during the registration process.
  • He/she will also guide you on what all documents are to be taken back from the university and the same are to be produced with the Ministry of Education bureau for certification.
  • We keep track of your tuition fees to the university especially for the first one if you are paying through the Student Loan from any of our affiliated financial institutions.
  • We help you get your temporary student identity certificate till the permanent identity card for student is issued to you.
  • We extend our support mentoring you on the course when you get the class schedule.
  • On the whole, we ease out every step and process involved for the university course registration.

Need a local bank account? Check it here.

Open a Local Bank Account For Money Transaction

While studying abroad, a local bank account becomes a necessity, because, a local bank works like a shot in the arm when you need money there. For instance, you want to pay tuition fees through a loan. You will then by default need a local bank account. Besides, a local bank account accords you with a couple of privileges that you can enjoy while staying abroad as a student.

There are a couple of intricate issues with the local bank account that can potentially be detrimental to your interest and favour. Knowing them in advance on your own may not be possible for you, since you may not be an expert in the foreign language. As a matter of fact, you may not be aware of the loopholes and the hidden fees to name a few there. We then come to your rescue.

What we do for opening a local bank account & the key areas of it:

  • We help students for opening bank accounts provided they give us the limited power of attorney for handling their documents pertaining to the account opening.
  • We take every possible step for safeguarding the interest of the students by understanding the loopholes and the hidden fees, if any, written in the document for opening a bank account in the foreign country. You may wonder how we do that. Well, we have agreements with financial institutions for utilising the EU regional support development packages for businesses under a sworn affidavit. This in turn protects the students on loan and the bank account as well befitting your purpose and convenience.
  • We help you get the special rates on your loan and other financial services.
  • We help you open up a local bank account in abroad that in turn helps you manage tuition fee payout at ease and a specially designed student savings account. That’s the catch.
  • Our clout with the leading financial institutions over the years and across the geographies in Europe, especially in terms of the volume of students’ enrolment through us, helps you get the privilege for opening bank account locally. On top of it, you get special rates for other financial services.
  • Having a local bank account on your side through us, you get the privilege of paying the university fees through cheques. Since many universities do not accept cash in view of the security reasons you can even pay for the petty expenses through the local cheques such as the expenses for photocopy, meal plan card and the start-up library account fees.
  • Our student representative will accompany you to one of our affiliated financial institutions for opening a local bank account. You will, however, have the right to choose the financial institution within our affiliates. This, in other words, construes that we make your experience of opening a local bank account hassle free in the foreign land.

If you need any support during the years of your studies in Europe, you will always find us standing tall on your side at your beck and call.