Living costs – Slovakia

The living cost in Slovakia is relatively low compared to other European Countries. There is affordable student accommodation within the campus in university dormitories also private accommodation is not very high compared to Central and Western Europe. There is a good and affordable public transportation system and many supermarkets in cities around Slovakia, which have been built in last few years. Wherever you choose to live there are ample numbers of supermarkets, shops and convenient stores scattered with quick access also, food and leisure facilities. Many Students are particularly attracted to the above as well as the world class graduate studies they can get in Slovakia and the popularity keeps growing each year.


Roughly calculated; a student needs around €475 per month as living expenses to live comfortably well.   The below table provides the average prices for 2015 an estimating the monthly living costs for Slovakia students (in euro’s). These figures only serve as guideline and cannot be seen as binding. With the equitable tuition fees, Slovakia is a highly attractive destination for international students.



Expense Living Costs Per Month (€)       Per Annum (€)
Rent (university dormitories) Small room (12 sq. m.) approx. 90 1080
Large room (18 sq. m.) approx. 150 1800
Rent (private accommodation) 350 4200
Food (Self Cook) 75 1800
Food (Outsource) 300 3600
Books (PER YEAR) 00 500
Electricity & Gas 50 600
Water 10 120
TV Cable / Internet 20 240
Public Transportation 30 360
Total  475   5700