Education System in Slovakia

The education is constructed on a credit system. The credit system follows the rules of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The student’s standard load is expressed by the number of sixty credits per academic year and thirty credits per semester. The school of higher education determines the total number of credits required for due completion of the study in its respective stages.

One academic year may be divided into two semesters or rarely in three trimesters. It begins on 1 September of the current year and ends on 31 August of the next year but however, really it ends in May/June. The teaching process includes various forms of instruction such as lectures, seminars, exercises, laboratory work, projects, practical training, and consultations. The studies are organized within the following study programmes and “stages” (also translated as levels).

Each school must provide at least Stage 1:

The first level of study for a Bachelor degree (bakalár – Bc.) takes usually 3 years, the second level is a Master of Science or Master of Arts (both called as magister – Mgr.), Master of Engineering (inžinier – Ing.), or Medical Doctor degree (doktor – MUDr.) which takes 6 years. The third level is the Doctoral degree which takes a further 2–4 years.

Stage 1: Bachelor study programme; 3–4 years; title: “Bachelor” (bakalár, abbr. “Bc.”)

   Stage 2, or Stage 1 + Stage 2 (Stage 2 lasts 1–3 years):

  • Master’s study programme; title: “Master”
  • Engineer study programme; title: “Engineer”
  • Doctor study programme ; titles:
  1. a) in human medicine: “Doctor of Medicine” (MUDr.)
  2. b) in veterinary medicine: “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine” (MVDr.)
  3. c) in dental medicine: “Doctor of Denatal Medicine” (MDDr.), studying since 2010

Stage 3:

  • Doctor and study programme; 3–4 years; titles (placed behind the name):
  1. a) Basic title “Philosophiae Doctor” (PhD)
  2.      b) in art studies “Doctor Artis” (doktor umenia, abbr. “ArtD.”)
  3. c) in Catholic theology “Licentiate of Theology” (licenciát teológie, abbr.”ThLic.”) or

“Doctor of    Theology” (doktor teológie, abbr. “ThDr.”)

  • Specialisation studies in medicine


The Act on Schools of Higher Education 2002 distinguishes study programmes at all three stages and with a considerable proportion of the 2nd and 3rd stage. Only these schools are allowed to use the word “university” in their name.