Climate – Slovakia

The Slovak Republic is situated in Central Europe, sharing borders with Austria, he Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Mountains, lowlands, valleys, akes, cave formations, forests and meadows provide many examples of Slovakia’s year-round natural beauty. The Carpathian Arc, a range of mountains stretching across the north, takes up almost a half of the country. The south and east of the country lie in the lowlands, an important agricultural area in Slovakia.

The climate is relatively continental with virtually no extremes below minimal -20°C (-4°F) or above maximal +37°C . In summer, the temperatures may rise up to +32°C in the warmer regions of Bratislava and Southern Slovakia. Slovakia has nine national parks, majestic peaks, deep valleys and mysterious arroyos and large forests which are full of life. Crystal clear glacial lakes, blue surfaces of water reservoirs and peaceful lowland rivers are a paradise for birds. The natural travertine formations created by volcanic activity adds on the unbelievable diversity in such a small area.