Medical School Acceptance Letter

Different medical schools in Bulgaria may vary in how they make decisions, but the considerations discussed below are important in one way or another to all schools. After your application is complete with application, scores, and letters of recommendation etc.… it will receive initial screening.   Because of the high volume of applications for a limited number of first year places, regardless of how applications are processed, a great deal of emphasis will initially be placed on your grades and scores.

The acceptance letter is important for Non-EU students to secure their visa.

General Requirements

  • Admission requirements: High school diploma (certificate).
  • Language requirements: To speak English, French, or Romanian or Bulgarian.
  • Entry regulations: A valid passport.
  • Biology, Chemistry, physics and Math’s.
  • Medical requirements (Health state).

There are three possible outcomes of your application to medial school are:

  • Acceptance
  • Rejection
  • Spot on the Wait List.

Normally, medical schools have to make more offers than they have spots available in their class to fill each class. This works in your favour. For example: If a school has 200 spots to fill for that year, they may have to extend 250 or 300 offers

Once your chosen institution has received all your documentation and funding information, they will send an official “Letter of acceptance”.

After this, you can pay your first part of the tuition fees, register at the institution and prepare for your first semester.