Company Profile

Company Profile

Masha Consultants Ltd is one of the market leaders in Medical, Dental and Veterinary student placement abroad. We are affiliated with the most academically respected universities across Europe.

We have years of experience successfully allocating prospective Medical, Dental and Veterinary students to their desired scientific course at an overseas university of their choice.

We have a great reputation based on integrity, honesty, respect and our high-quality services that we continuously strive to improve.

We provide prospective students with means to guarantee a thorough education up to degree level, making individual dreams come true.

We are the authorized representatives in the UK for state Medical, Dental and Veterinary Universities across Europe providing English, French and German undergraduate courses.

We also frequently deal with foreign civil service bureaus, property agents and travel agents.
Our affordable services reduce the burden of stress placed on students and their parents and facilitate the ease of settling down abroad.

Having submitted numerous applications to institutions, we have a thorough understanding of the application process. We are also specially licensed to deliver admission documents to the respective ministry bureaus; ensuring applications are quickly and successfully processed, thus eliminating the possibility of document mishandling.

Our service offers guaranteed admission which is the reason only our student recruiting office can guarantee a full deposit refund in the very unlikely case that we fail to secure your place.

Since establishment we have offered educational services to numerous students, many of whom are now distinguished alumni medical scientists, successful entrepreneurs and executives in the public and private sector.

We thank all of our students over the years who have trusted us with their future and allowed us to establish ourselves in continuing to provide services for future prospective students. We hope to meet again should you require any other of the exceptional services delivered by Masha Consultants Limited as a new client