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The following are just some of the Canadian higher education institutions we recommend. We can also assist with high school placements please contact us for further information.

Cape Breton University (Sydney, Nova Scotia)
Capilano University (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Camosun College (Victoria, British Columbia) with pathways to UBC, SFU and UVic)
Grant MacEwan University (Edmonton, Alberta)
New College, University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)
Royal Roads University- (Victoria, British Columbia)
Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Saskatchewan Polytechnic – (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Simon Fraser University/Navitas (Burnaby, British Columbia)
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – SAIT (Calgary, Alberta)
St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)
St. Lawrence College (Kingston, Ontario)
Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops, British Columbia)
University of British Columbia /UBC Vantage College (Vancouver, British Columbia)
University of the Fraser Valley – UFV (Abbotsford, British Columbia)
University of King’s College – (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
University of Ontario Institute of Technology- UOIT (Oshawa, Ontario)
University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)
Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo, British Columbia)
Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario)
The Art Institute of Vancouver (Vancouver, British Columbia)
British Columbia Institute of Technology (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Brock University (Business Faculty)- St Catherine’s (Ontario)
Trent University – Peterborough (Ontario)
University Canada West (Vancouver, British Columbia)
COLLEGES (University Level Colleges and Polytechnics)
Centennial College (Toronto, Ontario)
College of New Caledonia (Prince George, British Columbia)
Columbia College (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Conestoga College (Waterloo, Ontario)
George Brown College (Toronto, Ontario)
Niagara College (Niagara, Ontario)
Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario)
Sheridan College (Toronto, Ontario)

Why Study in the canada?

Canada is becoming one of the most sought after international study destinations. Canada has a combination of the best living standards, lifestyle and education quality. This has made Canada one the leading destinations for international students. The key advantages for students to consider studying in Canada are:

An Unmatched Culture Of University Research That Takes You By Surprise!
Canada is one of the most advanced economies in the world. The country is regarded as one of the top ten trading nations. All these put together indicates to the fact that Canada adores an inspiring environment for the university research. A substantial part of the Canadian research efforts comes from the universities and it is by far regarded as a healthy sign for the Canadian economy. The Canadian universities also receive private funding for their R&D activities.
Improved Living Standards
All human beings wish to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life for which they take different steps. It is few companies that make available the same to the society by asking reasonable investments. Those living in Canada are facilitated with lots of facilities by the public sector concerns that get associated with the society for improving their living standards. These helpful concerns ask the public to make genuine investments for their health, education and environment related issues that are taken on priority for the benefit of the people.
Unique Flexibility and Choice Of Higher Studies In Canada

Learning is an interesting mind game and fun filled in Canada in the presence of multiple options befitting your level of education. The country believes in nurturing what you have and then take it forward from there befitting your career goal. This goes a long way in your favour befitting your career goal. Canada imparts some value oriented education that strictly adheres to the international standard.

Canada has a very lithe higher education system after the high school. It offers multiple learning opportunities such as the polytechnic, colleges of advanced learning, specialist institutes, universities for the small liberal arts, and the research intensive public universities. In short, there is a course and an institution for just about anything of your interest.

Students can pursue the courses of different duration such as a 2-year diploma, 1-year specialized certificate, 4-year degree, 1-2 year postgraduate degree, and a professional certification at a polytechnic college or a university.

Generous Terms For Migrants On Student Visa!
In Canada, the migrants who come here on student visa can enjoy living here to the fullest as they are permitted to work while study. So, earning and learning altogether is possible in Canada for migrants. Moreover, if you are planning to go there with your spouse, then he or she can also work there. Thus, student visa in Canada allows migrants to live up a prosperous life and better living of standard in this region.

Not only during studies, but after completing your study, you can stay and earn there up to 3 years. This country has opened up its doors welcoming migrants to fulfil their ambitions and make their fortunes in the way they want to. There are remarkable opportunities to grab on and migrants can benefit themselves from it. This is actually a generous country in terms of immigration. Furthermore, study in Canada grows up the career opportunities in real world for the students and they can expect better growth of their career.

Higher Education Quality That You Can Bank On
Knowledge is power to you. As such, a person must continue learning all throughout his/her life. This essentially keeps the person focused and updated. You will be happy to know that Canada offers a unique learning opportunity for all – it may be professional or the students. The country has a small higher education service compared to other countries. But, the Canadian colleges and the universities are widely regarded for their outstanding contributions to the education industry and the people as a whole in the world.
Low Costs That Befit Into Your Budget!
Canada doesn’t impart cheap education. Instead, it offers world-class education at an affordable price. This, in turn, leaves the students with some money for staying in Canada comfortably without compromising with their need and aspirations. In short, the low cost of studying in Canada is a student centric approach.
Education fee is affordable compared to the international standard that works out cost effective for the students especially for the expat students in Canada. Despite being an advanced country, Canada also offers a relatively low cost of living.
One of the most liveable countries in the world
Canada is a unique country that has two opposite weather conditions. The southern part of Canada enjoys the warm weather condition during the summer while the rest part of the Canada remains moderate to extremely cold all throughout the year. This has virtually made the country unique in terms of its liveability quotient.
You will be happy to know that Canada has been recognised as one of the most liveable countries in the world by the United Nations. In the last seven years, Canada holds the no. 3 spot in the world in the UN quality of life index. In 2011, three Canadian cities featured among the top 10 places to live in the world in the survey of the Economist. All these put together indicates to the fact that Canada has a clean living environment that attracts people around the world with a multicultural background and the religion. It also offers unmatched opportunities for the education.
Realistic Preparation
All students need to excel in their studies that include theoretical and realistic experience. The students studying in Canada are benefited by the educational institutions that help them to excel in their studies through handy schooling that is must for them. These institutions provide varied methods for boosting their interest for the same. The studies are required to take realistic training as a part of their studies. Known as ‘co-operative education’, this is necessary for all students as far as their studies is concerned.
Be Safe While Studying Abroad
Your safety is a prime concern when you visit a country as an expat student. You know none there to ask for a help. This, in other words, means whichever country you select as your study destination, it should have a strong framework for protecting every students. You have reasons to be happy in Canada. The country is a safe place for all the students who want to pursue studies. The country enjoys its diversity with a long history of welcoming students all over the world.
Welcoming Migrants In Canada With World Class Standard Of Living!
The immigration policies in Canada are lenient at present and this is the time when you should think of applying for immigration Visa there. Every year, migrants in huge numbers get settled in this country. Due to high standard life style, this country has secured its place amongst world’s top countries to live in.

The welcoming policies of this nation have given a hope to migrants to get successful migration for entire family. The liberal immigration policies have encourages people across the world to step forward to apply for immigration visa of Canada. In this country, migration is possible for investors as well as workers also. There are tremendous opportunities for IT professionals.