Will I be required to attend an interview, in order to be accepted, once my application form has been submitted to a Bulgarian or Romanian medical university?

An interview is not usually required; acceptance is dependent on successful submission of your application forms, together with the necessary supporting documents. The results of an entry test will also be taken into consideration, where applicable.

How long do I need to wait before I receive news of results for an entry test to a Bulgarian or Romanian medical university?

Immediately after sitting the entrance exam, the results become available to you.

In the event an entrance exam must be passed before an application form is accepted, do you offer supporting material: test papers, revision notes and preparation courses?

We offer all prospective students a full programme of supporting notes, previous papers and coursework to complete.

Is an entrance test necessary in order to guarantee the offer of a place at a Bulgarian or Romanian medical university?

We have an association with several universities, not all of which require students to sit for an entrance test; however, it is more important that you apply to the university most suited to your needs. We will support you to do so and should your application depend upon a successful entry test, we will offer preparation courses and material to help you reach a satisfactory result.

Can I apply to a Bulgarian or Romania university for a medical or dental course for the spring admission?

Yes, you can apply for a spring admission for either of these courses; the process for spring application commences in February and the programmes, together with the entrance requirements, are identical for spring or autumn admissions.

Is it possible to begin the process for application early, in order to avoid any delays due to the time it takes to collate relevant documents?

Yes, it is possible to make an early start and we recommend you do so. We can arrange a reservation for a place at a designated partner medical university prior to submission of your application form. However, official acceptance can only be granted once all the required documents have been submitted and approved.

When is the deadline when submitting an application for entry to a Bulgarian or Romanian university medical school?

There is an official deadline for applications which typically falls in mid-September. However, positions frequently become available after this date, up until the end of September. We are notified on a regular basis with updates about availability which may occur at short notice. Our advice is to submit your application at the earliest possible date.

What happens if I have not obtained good grades in my secondary school leaving certificate? Will a medical university in Bulgaria or Romania still be able to accept my application for entry?

The answer is yes, you can still be accepted. Masha consultants are affiliated to top medical universities in both countries and experienced in medical student recruitment. We guarantee you a place at a reputable university due to prior agreements with the official decision makers in control.

What academic qualifications are required for studying medicine or dentistry in Bulgarian or Romanian universities?

Successful entry to Bulgarian and Romanian medical universities will vary according to each institution. However all applicants must have completed twelve years of secondary education; they should also be fluent in written and spoken English.

What is the application process for studying medicine or dentistry in a Bulgarian or Romanian university?

On our site you will find an application form to fill in and submit to us. Subsequently one of the team at Masha Consultants will be in touch with you to request the various admissions documents needed. We will then submit these to the appropriate partner university on your behalf.

Should you be required to sit an entrance exam, we can arrange for this to be in your native country, in the capital city or at the university to which you have applied.

A provisional acceptance document will be sent to you by Masha Consultants.