Will there be an interview?

An interview is usually not required. The acceptance of your application depends heavily on the successful submission of your forms and supporting documents.

Where applicable, the results of an entry exam may also be taken into consideration.

When will I receive the results of an entry exam?

The results are available immediately after completing the entrance exam.

Do I need to take an entry exam?

No, not all the universities we affiliate ourselves with require an entrance examination. It is however vital, for your personal benefit, that you choose an educational institution which is appropriate for your needs! Should you be required to take an entry exam we will be more than able to accommodate an easy well-structured study plan to maximize your chance of qualifying.

Is an entrance test necessary in order to guarantee the offer of a place at a Bulgarian or Romanian medical university?

We have an association with several universities, not all of which require students to sit for an entrance test; however, it is more important that you apply to the university most suited to your needs. We will support you to do so and should your application depend upon a successful entry test, we will offer preparation courses and material to help you reach a satisfactory result.

Can I apply for spring admission?

Spring admission is currently only available in Canada. The process commences in February and the courses and entrance requirements are identical to Autumn admissions.

Can I begin my application early?

Yes, and we endorse you to do so. We are able to arrange a reservation of a place in one of the universities we have listed. However, official acceptance can only be granted once all the required documents have been submitted and approved.

What is the deadline for submitting my University application?

The official deadline for applications typically falls in mid-September. Although positions frequently become available after this date until the end of September.

We are regularly notified of places becoming available. We advise you to submit your application at the earliest possible date to avoid disappointment.

What if my grades are not what I was expecting?

We can still help you find a place of your choice, get in touch as soon as possible! With our affiliate recognition and years of experience we can guarantee you a place at a reputable university.

What are the academic requirements for an application?

Qualifying factors of entry vary between different educational institutions. Generally, all applicants must have completed twelve years of secondary education and should also be fluent in written and spoken English.

All information is provided in detail according to the circumstances of the individual.

Fill out the form available in the Contact Us section of the page to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

How do I go about starting the application process?

Get in touch as soon as possible using the Contact Us page. Subsequently one of the team at Masha Consultants Ltd will be in contact with you to arrange it further.

A provisional acceptance document will be sent to you by Masha Consultants.