General Information

General Information

We provided 24/7 support to all of our customers

All our customers are able to reach us through our many platforms at any time of day including weekends and public holidays. Our support staff in our London office will provide the utmost satisfaction guaranteed dealing with your requests in a timely manner.

Pursue the right university with our professional guidance

Getting admission to the university of your choice after graduating from college, can be difficult. We aim to match prospective medical and dental students to our highly recognized and established affiliate universities around the world. We are committed to exceed your expectations of acquiring admission to a university you choose. Let us handle the provision of our academic profile and presenting them on your behalf to the selection committee to maximize your admission success rate.
We provide comprehensive information on the prerequisites for admission, a breakdown of the fees involved for tuition and living expenses. As we have a great range of affiliate universities we are able to offer information on the following; countries, cities, lifestyle, weather, tourism, types of accommodation, transport facilities and much more. We individually discuss what to expect in terms of availability of loans, scholarships and bursaries in a consultation with you and your family.

Outlined information on the services we deliver

We offer comprehensive support and detailed information on how to access various medical and dental courses around the world.
Our authentic affiliation with these universities allow us to provide unrivaled expertise matching you to the best fit medical or dental course and its respective facilities. Our service also details common information about the countries and cities economic performance, as well as its landmarks, lifestyle, weather and tourism attractions. In addition to this, we include course specific details such as eligibility criteria to undertake a diploma, bachelors degree, masters degree or even postgraduate medical courses, the criteria for entrance exams, course descriptions, curriculum and module descriptors, tuition fees and stationary costs. Along with geographical information like campus facilities and lifestyle, types of accommodation, transport facilities as well as local information such as hospitals locations and local services.
Our qualified academic advisors also prepare informative brochures and leaflets which we provide with all enquiries. A prospectus is available on request also.

A vivid future backed by official university representatives

We have years of unparalleled experience matching students to accredited medical courses at our affiliate universities. Our trustworthy and reliable service will improve your chances of admission due to our well-structured administration process as well as having a uniquely allocated quota for admission negotiated with each university.
All our services actively updated and are authenticated and backed by university academics, faculties and staff. As well as this during the application process we continually liaise with relevant administrators to monitor the status of your application and make any necessary amendments where rectification is required.
We consult individually with every customer and thus every application is uniquely adapted to your own individual requirements. As a result of our exceptional accreditation process a personal statement or reference letters are not required.

A systematic approach when handling documentation, translation and legalization

Depending on the university you choose the required supporting documents may differ however this is no issue for our staff.
During the individual consultation, we assist you in the preparation process and suggest guidelines on how to minimize mistakes and avoid being rejected, on top of this we are able to collect the application and necessary documents right from your doorstep.
Our experienced advisors translate your application where relevant for the specific university. Our representatives have the legal right to submit the application on your behalf, directly to the university, without delay.
In case you are required to obtain certification for the right to study in any country; we include the submission of the application of permission, to the Ministry of Education of the relevant country. The certification is mandatory for your application to be processed by the universities which you are seeking admission into.

Personal handover of your application

We include the submission of application forms in-person, directly to the universities with which we are affiliated. Our representatives will collect applications along with all necessary documents from your doorstep and will process and submit them in-person to the university of your choice.
We also provide real time reports on the status of your application so that you can rectify any errors or omissions, if any. You will be kept updated on every stage of the process.

What to expect after submitting your application to study abroad

Once your application has been submitted we will provide you with the dates of registration for the medical or dental course way ahead of their commencement. As we manage the progression of your application you are able to plan and proceed selecting accommodation from the choices outlined, organize travel documents and confirm travel arrangements.
We want you to relax and be free of stress, allowing you to concentrate on your medical course. You will be informed as soon as the authorities accept your application for provisional admission. Once your application is successfully accepted, we will inform you straight away, even before any email acceptance correspondence.
Our dedication to help you will extend to helping you prepare your course materials, from there we will begin to consult you on the best available loan, scholarship and bursaries.
We are proud to disclose that over ten thousand students have received an acceptance letter from a university of their choosing.

Entry Tests (if applicable)

We are able to help you prepare for any entry tests, if applicable, and supply relevant notes, current/previous exam papers and other course related materials.
Our expert advisors are always available for a one to one consultation should you have any questions. Feel free to contact us anytime for any queries or concerns you have.

Instant access to a range of study materials

We provide access to an extensive range of study materials, exam notes, pre-recorded lectures and seminars as well as previous medical and dental exam papers.
These are specific to the course of your choosing and the university you are pursuing. A unique and invaluable feature of applying through us. Get in touch today!