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We are available 24/7 for inquiries, whether you sent that by emails, Skype, or even landline, which are routed through our calling centre. Our support services are also available during hours beyond schedule, weekends and also on holidays, where we are offering requests for a call back from our end for any assistance or for providing any information.

Keeping in view of the various time zones in the world, all emails are checked several times during the day and replies sent as early as possible. You can also contact us at our London office during business hours, and our support staff will be there, glad to provide you satisfactory answers to your queries.

We are available for contact any time, with all information being available in the “Contact Us” menu, or other options which are available directly by clicking on the menu, placed on the top right side of our website.

We are providing prospective medical science students with all relevant information on the Universities that we are affiliated with, which includes academic courses being offered by the, information on the country as well as the city, and types of accommodation being available, so that you are able to take an informed decision.

We provide complete information packages, where you will find all that you need to know before taking admission to the medical course of your choice. We are available round the clock for providing you with in depth information on all matters relating to various universities offering an array of medical courses, and we are accessible from anywhere, which makes it easier for you for getting instant information in hand.

Any time you want to speak with our support staff on any relevant matter, you are welcome to do so by logging onto our website and clicking on the “Contact us” menu. We are also available for calling you back at your convinient time. You will receive information on opportunities that you will get which are tailor made to suit your needs. Our support staff is amiable and will take all efforts in helping you to understand all that you need to.

In case you are yet to declare a major, or have taken admission recently, or if you are finding any difficulty in searching for information you need, we are offering live help and also connecting you to the concerned person. So all in all you don’t have to worry about anything.

Providing Professional Guidance To Pursue The Right Career

Getting admitted to the university course of your choice after passing out from high school can be a daunting task, unless our credentials are up to the expectations of the selection committee of the relevant university. Knowing what options are best suitable for pursuing a career best matching your talents, is also another important factor that can lead you to the right career path. To help you out in making the final choice and getting admission to the desired university course in Medicine, we provide you with professional guidance and help.

We will provide you with the right advice on your educational concern through discussing your capabilities based on the credentials, qualifications and special criteria that can help you fulfill your desires and to reach your goals. We will also provide you with feasible solutions that will help you to make the final choice. Our services are committed to fulfill your expectations in getting admission to the university of your choice. We will inform you about the prospects on your admission after carefully analyzing the pros and cons of your admission documents, and will even advise you on how to place your academic profile that can impress the selection committee.

It is through professional academic counseling that we will provide you with all relevant information on the prerequisites for getting admission to any university, fees structure, cost of living and hidden costs if any, so that you are able to take an informed decision. As we are affiliated to many universities, we will be able to provide you multiple options, offering you with detailed information about packages being offered, about the countries and cities, lifestyle, weather, types of accommodation, tourist attractions, transport facilities, and other relevant facts and figures, so that you are well informed. We will give you a patient hearing and discuss the prospects of your admission with you and your family, while apprising you on financial options like loans, bursaries and scholarships being available. With us beside you, you are guaranteed of full support at all stages of your admission process. We are dedicated to help you achieve your goals in getting admission to the university of your choice. We provide you with top class professional counseling on your academic prospects and help you to embark on the right career path that is best suitable for you. You can call on our representative for helping you reach your academic goals.


Complete Information About Packages That We Offer

We are offering information on a wide range of packages being offered by various universities for admission in different medical courses, which are authentic. As a part of our service in academic counseling, we provide in depth information on all matters that are relevant for getting admitted into various medical courses. You will get information on the location of all universities that we are affiliated with, including information on the countries as well as cities, weather, landmarks, hospitals and other social service centers. You will get detailed information on the course curriculum, about the campus facilities, types of accommodation, transport, lifestyle, safety, and among others, expenses for living.

Gathering information from all departments of the universities that we are affiliated with, we are able to provide you brochures, flyers, pamphlets, leaflets and university fact sheets, carrying all information which are prepared by our experienced academic advisors. We will provide you with relevant information on the offers made by various universities that are tailor made to suit your specific requirements. Our support team, which is available 24/7, will provide prospective students and their families with individual consultation from our qualified and experienced program advisor, so that you have a clear understanding on what is being offered by these universities in various medical courses. You will get information on the packages being offered and the prerequisites for being eligible to take the entrance exams. We will provide you with information in a printed form, so that you are able to consult with others in order to take the right decision. You will be able to learn on the economic situation of the country, and whether there are any hidden costs.

Being well informed, will help you to take a prudent decision while seeking admission to the course of your choice. All information on the criteria for admission to diploma, bachelors, masters and postgraduate medical courses are available with us, which are reliable, and instantly available on request. You can also gather knowledge on the schemes being introduced by different universities, fee structure, transport facilities to and from the place of your accommodation to the classes. We will also provide you with useful links that will help you to know better about the universities, how to download application forms and all other relevant details, so that you are not short of knowing everything you want to.

Take Help From Official University Representatives And Build Vivid Future

We have the advantage of being partners of accredited universities with which we are affiliated with, for admission of students into various medical courses. We have the privilege of have been allotted a quota of seats for admission into various university courses in the medical profession, and have standing agreements with them, which makes us trustworthy and reliable.

For years together, we have been closely associated with these universities and have built up a strong relationship with their faculties and staff. This is why we are able to provide prospective students with authentic information on matters relating to admission. The information on these universities that we provide are gathered from the university departments, and authorized by the university authorities, making them absolutely dependable.

In the course of providing academic counseling, we provide students with authenticated facts and figures like admission criteria, program characteristics and other information that are relevant for becoming well informed before seeking admission to the medical course of your choice.

Documentation process while submitting the forms for admission is very important, and we provide the right counseling so that nothing goes wrong. We are able to track your application status, as we are fed by such information by the university authorities, and in case any rectification is required, we provide you with help so that your application does not get rejected.

Having an affiliation from a number of universities, we are authorized to represent you in submission of forms and documents, make payments to the concerned authorities and to liaison with the university staff on your behalf. We have representatives in all the cities where these universities are located, and are therefore able to interact with the university staff in any matter,and that too in quick time. The feedback we provide you is based on the information gathered from inner sources of these universities with which we have standing agreements.

Our affiliation with these universities allow us to have the advantage over others for providing you the right academic counseling, and one thing we can guarantee is your admission to the university of your choice provided you meet the requirements. You get the opportunity in getting admitted when you go through our academic counseling, which is based on true facts and figures. We are always in touch with the universities we are affiliated with, and that is why you can be rest assured of successfully meeting the requirements, when you keep in touch with us.


Step By Step Procedure For Docs Collection, Legalization and Translation

After we provide you academic counseling which will help you to decide that which medical courses and universities you want to get admitted, we assist you in preparing the documents required to be submitted along with the application for seeking admission.

Different universities have different requirements of the supporting documents to be attached along with the application, and, it is at this stage that we provide you with the right information on exactly what documents are required so that your application meets the criteria. We provide you an exhaustive list of documents required to be submitted, together with guidelines on how to avoid mistakes and prepare the profile according to the requirements of different universities.

As we are affiliated to these universities, we are well aware of the scrutiny processes and know exactly, for which reasons an application can get rejected. We will guide you through the entire process, providing you with suggestions at each and every stage, so that you can be rest assured of getting the nod from the university authorities. What is more, when you submit your application through us, you need not to attach any personal statement or reference letters.

Our academic counseling services also include collection of your application form along with all necessary documents right from your doorstep, in case you are unable to submit it personally to the respected university. We also provide translation services for translating your documents into the language required by different universities.

We have expert and experienced advisors to go through every detail of the documents you are submitting to find out any fault that might have any adverse effect. In case of any anomalies, you will be guided to rectify them properly so that there are no flaws. We also help you in preparing the application in the right format and make it presentable to draw the attention of the selection committee of the concerned university. As we are affiliated and have standing agreements with various universities, our representatives have the legal right to submit application forms along with documents, directly to the university staff, without having to stand in queues.

Our job is to track each application that is submitted through us, and keep students informed about the status. Once you submit your application after being checked by us, you can be rest assured that you are on the right path for seeking admission into the university medical course of your choice.

Submission Of Application In Best Universities

Services in academic counseling that we are providing also include submission of application forms in-person, directly to the universities with which we are affiliated. Our representatives will collect application forms along with all necessary documents from your doorstep and will submit in-person to the university of your choice.

We are allotted a quota for seats in these universities, and that is why we can ensure that your application is listed for acceptance by the university to which you are applying. In other words, you can be rest assured of admission when you submit your application through us. As a partnering company, we have the advantage of tracking the status of each application.

In case you are required to obtain certification for the right to study in any country, we provide you with services that include submission of application for permission, with the Ministry of Education of the relevant country. The certification is mandatory for your application to be processed by the universities to which you are seeking admission.

We also provide real time reports on the status of your application so that you can go ahead with rectification of problems if any. It is because of the agreement we have with universities with which we are partnering, that we are able to submit your application directly by hand and ensure that it is listed. You can be rest assured that your application will be submitted to the proper place and processing done properly. You will be kept updated on every stage of the process.

Ways That Will Guide You In Application Tracking And Reporting

Being partnered with universities offering medical courses, we are now exclusive representatives, providing academic counseling, which include liaising between student and universities relating to admission. We receive information from the departments of the universities on the status of each application that has been submitted through us. We get information on the status at each step of the admission process, and the dates of registration for courses before their commencement.

By providing you with authentic information on the admission, we give you the advantage of going ahead with plans for relocation, selecting accommodation on which we have provided you the details, and booking travel tickets. You will get enough time to prepare travel documents and go ahead with any rectification if necessary to get the nod from the selectors. We will inform you well ahead of time so that you do not miss out on any issue relating to your admission. You will be free of any stress when we handle your admission related issues, and, that is the reason why you can be assured of admission to the medical course of your choice. As soon as the authorities accept your application for provisional admission, and send you snail mail, we are immediately informed. Accordingly, we give you information so that you can be mentally prepared and complete all asks that are required to be done before relocating. In case of minor anomalies, we take the initiative in sorting them out and inform you on the matter. As soon as we receive information on your application being accepted, we give you the good news immediately, even before you get confirmation mail on the acceptance.

You do not have to take any test once you receive the letter of acceptance of your application for admission, and in case you need any help in preparing course materials, we are always there to assist you in the matter. It is then that we start helping you find the best education loan or scholarship and in other matters that may be necessary from time to time. Our representatives are always in touch with the university authorities, and that is why we get information on the status of your application well before. Till date, about 10,000 students applying for admission to various medical courses in universities, with whom we are affiliated have received letter of acceptance, making us proud of our academic counseling services.

Preparation Of Course With Materials For Taking Entry Tests (If Applicable)

Included in our services in academic counseling for students seeking admission to various medical courses in different universities, is helping you with preparing course materials, in case you have to take entry tests. We will provide you with relevant notes and papers for previous years, and if required, we will provide you with lessons, convenient to your time, just before the start of the semester.

We have experienced counselors who will guide students to be well prepared for taking the entry tests. Lessons will be imparted and mock tests held to help you gain confidence, and become successful in the admission test. We are well versed with the types of questions that are generally set for the entry tests and that is why we are able to guide you properly. From helping you to prepare the lessons to the time of escorting you to the exam center, we will always be with you, providing you all help that you may need to become well prepared for the entry test.

Our instructors are always available for consultation for one to one discussion on any related matter. In cases where tests are held at our counseling center, you will have more advantage than other candidates, as you will not feel the pressure of sitting in an unknown exam center. You will be informed of your selection as soon as we receive information from the concerned university, and the information we give are all authentic and reliable.

Online Study Material For Better Education And Learning

Feel free to use our online portal that is 100% secure and get easy access to a large number of study materials, exam notes, pre-recorded lessons, lectures and past papers. You also get additional information which might be required for guaranteeing your success in the entrance examinations.

It is only because of our long years of professional and academic experience that we have been successful in gathering, classifying and collecting different varieties of study materials and notes that prove to be invaluable and can be of good help in ensuring success for you in the near future. Furthermore, we are the exclusive and the official representatives of Universities that we present and this is the main reason why the materials that we provide come directly from the universities. We are your one stop solution for online lessons, notes and samples that provide proper support when it comes to creating the prospects of a bright future.

Applying for entrance tests on your own might be a challenging endeavor. It would have you at loss while having you in the dark as well. We take great care in minimizing all your worries and stresses by making way to success through the past tests, notes and materials coming from previous prospective students. You can always depend on the study materials and the notes provided by us as they will go a long way in helping you attain great success. The guidance that we provide guarantees that you achieve your Acceptance letter.

The moment you get hold of the acceptance letter, you must start thinking in regards to Financial Aid like Scholarships or Student Loans.

In case you do not require any sort of financial support, you can grab the opportunity of checking out our procedure of helping you make the most appropriate Relocation Arrangements making way for smooth changeover abroad.